Diverse Construction Services

Slabmaster in Regina offers several construction services to meet the needs of homes and businesses in Saskatchewan.


Over time, concrete pads, begin to settle due to the base material underneath. Mudjacking pumps material into strategically drilled holes to lift the concrete back to the original or desired height. Slabmaster provides this service to help prevent damage to walls, foundation settling, water damage, or ice during the winter. It’s also the most economical way of repairing settlement problems—a win, win. Most jobs can be completed in less than one day. You are not able to drive or park on it for 4 to 5 days after the job has been done, but walking on it is permitted. We park all of our vehicles on the street so no heavy equipment is on your property. If your concrete pad appears to slope toward your foundation or there is a gap under your garage door, these are all signs that you may need mudjacking. This service will fix the problem quickly and affordably.

mudjacking before afterdriveways before after

Flowable Fill

Flowable fill is a clay base material that can be used for many applications. Flowable fill consists of clay, sand, and cement. The cement that is added won’t hurt any trees, shrubs, etc. When a job requires more cement, it can be added to give the material more strength. Flowable fill is designed to repel water from the foundation when it is sloped away. The most important thing you can do to the outside of your house is having the ground around your foundation sloped away from your house. Allowing water to drain towards the foundation can cause foundations to settle and then it may need compaction grouting. This may require shotcrete/gunite or bracing of the basement walls. Water damage from excessive amounts of water getting into the basement can cause floor heaves and damage to drywall, carpets, etc. No equipment is put in the yard as the backfilling is done. The flowable fill is pumped through a 2” hose that can be pumped through hundreds of feet of hose. We park all of our vehicles on the street so no heavy equipment is on your property. For more information about our flowable fill services and the benefits of this service, click here.

flowable fill

Compaction Grouting/House Leveling

Bulging floors, cracked walls, and doors that won’t close are all signs of foundation distress. Sixty percent of all homes built on expansive soil suffer from foundation distress. The problem occurs when only part of the foundation heaves or settles, causing cracks and other damage. This differential movement is largely caused by a difference in soil moisture. Loss or gain of soil moisture can cause serious shrinkage or swelling. For more the signs of foundation failure and how this repair service can remedy the problem, click here.

compaction grouting chart

Shotcrete/Gunite/Foundation Repair

Slabmaster Ltd. in Regina also provides shotcrete/gunite foundation repair services. Local engineers prepare structural drawings and do site inspections which guarantee the work’s structural integrity. Gunite (sprayed concrete) compacts and builds upon itself, embedding steel reinforcement as it adheres to the existing wall of the back-up form. The compacting actions of the application produce a very dense, high strength concrete wall, with improved waterproofing qualities. With strengths of 6500 P.S.I., concrete is forced into the existing wall cracks and irregularities, creating an excellent bonding to an existing surface. To read more information about our shotcrete/gunite foundation repair services, click here.

foundation repair chart

Mudjacking vs Polyurethane (Foam Jacking)

This section is to inform customers of the differences between the two methods. Ultimately it is up to the customer to decide which method they prefer to use. With the many years that we have done mudjacking we are always educating ourselves on different methods and new technologies to better serve our customers. We hope this helps you understand the differences between the two methods and why we will not be doing Polyurethane jacking of any concrete. Click Here for more info.