Mudjacking before and after images




SETTLEMENT ISSUES REPAIRED Mudjacking is the most economical way or repairing settled concrete. With the right company and materials; steps, sidewalks, patios, driveways, slabs and garage floors can be mudjacked back to their proper elevation for drainage. The material used can seal against water migration causing ground pressure on basement walls. Water inthe basement could be stopped with proper slob on concrete pads. Mudjacking also provides a stabilizing effect under the pad. In most cases, mudjacking works out to be half or less the price of replacement.

Holes are drilled on the outside perimeter of the pad being mudjacked every three feet. Then a second set of holes are drilled working towards the center of the pad. The perimeter holes are used to put in a stiff material to lift the pad into place. Then the holes to the center are used to fill all void areas to get a uniform, compacted fill material between the ground and the slab with a wetter mix. The job is cleaned up and holes are patched to finish off the job. Positioning of the holes, proper material and the right technique by our experienced professionals lifting the slab, will give you years of use.

If you have any questions, or if you would like help with your mudjacking project, please contact us at Slabmaster Ltd so we can provide you with an estimate.